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Henna Eyebrow Sculpting:
If you're after an all natural longer lasting treatment to enhance your Eyebrows, then Henna Tint is the way to go. Even great for in between microblading sessions. Results will surely impress! Allow 45 mins
Henna Eyebrow Tint including an Eyebrow wax/shape $50 

eyelash tint $20  (includes complimentary hand massage)
eyebrow tint $12

Eyebrow wax $15
lip or chin $10
combo of any 2 $20 or eyebrow/lip or chin with side of face $38
underarm $15
half arm $20      full arm $25
half leg $25     full leg $40
bikini standard $15 bikini extended $20
(brazilian unavailable)

MAKEUP: For Bridal and Special occasions to enhance your looks $70 (Enquire about a Bridal/Special Occasion package!)

A ritual for your feet. For those who need that extra attention on their tootsies! A footbath, clip, file, rasp, cuticle tidy and condition, exfoliating scrub, finishing off with a luscious moisturiser and your choice of nail polish. $45
SPRAY TAN: A cheap and cheerful pick-me-up without the sun damage! ( I also stock certified organic  Vani-t solution)) Totally addictive!!
ONLY $30 (heaps of colours to choose including rapid) Vani-t spray tan $35)
* Bridal parties require 50% non refundable deposit to secure booking
Choose from a pink Himalayan salt,sugar, or various  citrus or Balinese and Thai scrubs. Commence with dry body brushing used dry to buff and polish the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system, followed by a full body scrub of your choice, to exfoliate dry skin, finishing off with a various body butters to moisturise your skin leaving it silky and smooth. Just Purrfect! $75 or Body scrub alone $50

Commence with an aromatherapy footbath with a tea tree and walnut shell footscrub, followed by a Rasul mud cocoon treatment on your hard to get area, your back. A fragrant body mud to detoxify and replenish weary skin, and absorb toxins, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and softened, finishing off with a full Body Scrub, including a scalp massage. Just Purrfect! $75!

1 hr organic deluxe pamper facial includes double cleanse, exfoliate,steam, massage and a mineral clay mask. Your skin will feel instantly revived, healthier and softer (including neck, shoulder and hand or scalp massage)

BACIAL: Same as a facial but for your back! 1hr $70
Often forgotten but great for acne or blockages on the skin 

 Add Thai Herbal ball massage to your facial and indulge in their therapeutic herbs and benefits for an extra $15

Why not add a Paraffin hand or feet wax treatment to your package at $20

The heat provided by melted paraffin wax is absorbed by the skin and tissue on which it is placed, making it beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or other joint or muscle pain $20 for hands or feet. Or both for $30
Mini facial for the busy babe!! $40

*Add a warm Hot Stone, Thai Herbal ball or Bodhi stone massage to your facial* $15 extra

ANTI AGEING MICROCURRENT FACIALS: Also referred to as a Mini Facelift, is a workout for your skin, and great to have before a big event. It increases collagen production up to 14%, and is ideal for all skintypes and skin colours.
The microcurrent facial uses 2 hand held prongs that deliver precise dosages of energy to the skin.
You'll have firmer, glowing skin, and will feel more hydrated and appear tightened. Included: cleansing, exfoliating, peel, facial massage, moisturising. $100

Pamper your skin with the Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face Polisher. This facial care system consists of different tools that can be used for making your skin smooth.  It helps in exfoliating, smoothing, and softening the skin. The Spa Sonic deep cleans and stimulates your skin.The Skin Brushing Machine makes it easy to exfoliate... deep-clean your skin's pores.... gives your skin the best preparation before applying creams or makeup. 
This treatment will clean and refresh the skin. Your skin will be hydrated…nourished…Ahhhh yes, including a soothing neck, shoulder and scalp massage! This 'Purrfect Treat' is $85.

GALVANIC AND MICRODERMABRASION FACIAL: Is a gentle non-invasive treatment that is safe for all skin types from acne, rosacea and mature skin. The skincare treatment uses ultrasonic waves that provides superior exfoliation and intensifies the products, which helps penetrate into the skin for better results. An ultrasonic facial combats ageing, wrinkles, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.
With this treatment you will also have a Diamond Microdermabrasion to perform skin exfoliation. Suction has the added benefit of stimulating collagen and elastin as well as increasing blood flow to the skin.The treatment includes a collagen eye treatment, Vitamin C infusion, an enzymatic micro peel, including a neck, head and shoulder massage!
This facial will leave your complexion instantly revived, improved texture, but also the increase in skin hydration giving it a healthy  $100

TIghtens and rejuvenate  plumps, strngthens and tightens the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles as skin texture and tone are improved
Reduce scarring and stretch marks   as new collagen is stimulated, the skin becomes healthier, firmer and refined, resulting in a more even skin texture and vivible reduction of scars
Minimise open pores pore size is significantly and visibly improved after a seies of treatments $100

ULTIMATE OXYGEN REJUVENATION FACIAL:  A combination of both Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Therapy,  will breathe life into your skin! Gaining huge popularity in salons it's designed to rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin by infusing antioxidant serum, This facial will calm, soothe, nourish and smooth out fine lines, promoting new growth cells and collagen growth. It is a gentle non invasive treatment, suitable for sensitive skin too, with no down time. You will see immediate improvement in your skin's texture and appearance, with softer, plumper, smoother looking skin. Combined with Microdermabrasion to remove dead and tired skin cells painlessly, completing this treatment with a Hydrating Gel, and will feel & see the difference with ONE session. This is the ULTIMATE Facial! 
* Highly recommend for brides or a special occasion
70mins $125 (includes neck, head & shoulder massage)
ADD ONS: Microdermabrasion on hands or decolletage $20 extra

LED LIGHT THERAPY: Add on $25 Emits safe LED light, that can promote cell growth by 5 times, increasing the energy of cells metabolisation in order to stimulate to produce more collagen. To cater for all skin concerns, it has interchangeable LED lights, and is used as part of an ongoing facial treatment, with the light moving across the entire surface of the skin. Can also be used as a spot treatment.
RED: regenerate collagen & elastin BLUE: reducing oil production, kills bacteria,  preventing future breakouts  GREEN; balance, calms, reduces hyperpigmentation  PURPLE: renew
ORANGE: brighten  TURQUOISE: strengthen  WHITE: anti-aging

A tranquil experience! 1hr full deep body massage to help you unwind and feel totally relaxed. Perfect! $65
1/2 hr back massage to release tension and stress $40
Is a blend of herbs tied up in a muslin ball which is steamed before being applied to the skin. The steamed Herbal Balls are used to lightly rub your muscles. The heat from the herbal compress, releases the aroma and medicinal properties.They are known for their anti- inflammatory and relaxing properties, as well as their ability to treat a variety of ailments including chronic muscle pain, joint pain and various skin conditions. 
1/2 hr $45 1hr full body ONLY $75!
90min available $100

This deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage is centuries old and you will experience the relaxation benefits but also the deeply therapeutic benefits to the muscle. It promotes a perfect balance of gentle heat with the combination of healing properties to relieve stress, tension, tiredness or to just purely feel pampered and indulged! Ultimately it's a profound sense of deep relaxation at its best!
1hr full body Hot Stone Massage to relax muscles and stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. Purrfect! ONLY $75!

90 min available $100
1/2 hr Hot Stone back massage to improve your wellness $45

A Bamboo massage is the use of organically treated bamboo cane which has gained popularity in spas and salons. It is used to roll and knead away areas of tension and tight muscles.

Ear Candling: A comfortable, soothing, relaxing experience,using candles infused with beeswax, may greatly improve the following conditions:

* some chronic headaches                   * tinitus-ringing in the ear     
* sinusitis                                            * hearing problem
* earaches                                          * irritation of the ears and sinuses
* vertigo                                             * release blocked energy

PLEASE NOTE: This treatment is not recommended for anyone with ear grommets, perforated eardrum, pregnancy within the first 3 months and those taking antibiotics
Detox foot bath available!
30min sessions $25 per treatment.
-assists with liver & kidney function
-headaches & migraines
-sleep & relief from tension
-immune system function
-skin problems
-general circulation and metabolism
-wellbeing and balance of the whole body releasing toxins

CANCELLATION: Please be considerate and phone for cancelling or rescheduling. 


Location: Mt Eliza area
Hours: by appointment only
phone MARY: 0438 452 997
**Please note no EFTPOS/CREDIT** 
 Just had the most relaxing facial and massage with Mary Purrfect Treats. I'm floating on cloud nine :) Highly recommend to anyone who needs some pampering and glowing skin. Thank you Mary
Review by Sharon
 Just had the most sublime experience - I treated myself to a Purrfect Treatshotstone pamper package. I feel so relaxed , a sense of inner peace and soooo smooth from the exfoliation and oils. Oh Mary! Thank you ever so much. May you get the opportunity to feel the pleasure I do over your special birthday weekend - you so deserve it and not just b/c you have made me feel incredible but b/c you work hard, laugh hard & are a joy to know. Luv you, happy birthday and thank you mwah and sparkles. Review by Nicole 
 Love love love my tan!!!! Thank you Mary xxxx!!! Review by Vanessa

 I'm walking around on a cloud, such a relaxing treatment & amazing price. So different to anything I've ever had before... Thank you Mary! xx Purrfect Treats Review by Tracey
 Had the most relaxing wonderfully pampering facial with Purrfect Treats!...I highly recommend Mary! Review by Natalie
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